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Professional designer and painter, Mardem Moura was born in Brazil's capital in 1982. The "passionate art case " begins with the comic books and TV cartoons, then It was expanded on pop culture, pop art, acrilic paintings, digital art, marketing and art drawings. Graduated in "audiovisual production" and working as a video editor and producer, Mr. Moura's a "young translation of the perfectionism " inside of a creative mind. He's always drawing and having fun, living pleasure and work together as the first motivation. Mardem's arts are on the web, clothes designs, graphic "logos", his paintings are tagged on many walls. He offers art professionally with the passion of a child by their first color pencils.

MASK® Studio

Illustration Studio & Brand from Brazil. We are made of art.


Methodisch inkorrekt!

Jede Woche treffen sich Nicolas Wöhrl und Reinhard Remfort, um über interessante aktuelle Forschung, Experimente und ihren wissenschaftlichen Alltag im Allgemeinen zu reden. Fachübergreifend, abwechslungsreich, unstrukturiert, hoffnungslos subjektiv und immer garantiert methodisch inkorrekt!

Mien Wayne

Zwischen düster, nerdy und total verspielt: Die Monster aus der CreepWorld lassen sich auch auf 3DSupply blicken. Egal ob Gaming, Nerd, Geek, Funshirt. Zwischen Dragonball, Starwars, Nintendo, Totoro: Wer schon immer sein eigenes MienWayne-Shirt haben wollte, ist hier genau richtig. Motiv, Farbe und Shirt wählen & schon ist das Monster bei dir Zuhause! Enjoy the creepness!


Mindspark Creative is a graphic designer from Minnesota, the state known to every Fargo Fan out there. Jims specialty are fictional logos from almost every tv show or move from the last 5 decades.

Momma Gorilla

Hi, I'm Criselda Valera a.k.a Momma Gorilla. I am an illustrator mom based from Manila, Philippines. I am also the wife of Artist Glitchygorilla. :)

Movie Clichés

Some movie clichés are necessary. Others are just the result of lazy screenwriting. But they're always fun to predict and spot! That's why we turned 270 of them into playing cards! You can find more information about the game at This is the official shirt-shop for the moviecliches card game! Here, you can find our favorite cliches on shirts!


Exklusiver Shop des MUNE Netzwerks! Wir überzeugen mit einem aktiven Support, keiner Vertragslaufzeit, einer gigantischen Musikbibliothek und vielem mehr.


Fette Grafiken auf feinstem Zwirn für den alternativen Party- Alltags - und Heimgebrauch!

Mystic Heart

Mystic Heart it's a Illustration and Design project inspired by the culture of the mystical and occult. "Audentes fortuna iuvat"


Aloha! Mein Name ist Mánigon und ich bin seit vielen Jahren leidenschaftlicher Gamer, Metalhead und nun auch Mediengestalterin. Diese Eigenschaften versuche ich mit meiner Kreativität zu mischen und Designs in dem Bereich rund um die Nerdkultur zu erschaffen, welche euch gefallen!


Gary Hall, a.k.a. Nemons, lives in Liverpool (England) and is our Purveyor of Pop Culture Couture! His designs are inspired by videogames, movies and tv series.


NerdStar is an online tv show from Bielefeld, you can tune in via (on Twitch).


Oliver Ibáñez Romero, a.k.a. OliPop lives in Benidorm (Spain) and works as a graphic designer. He is inspired by movies, tv series and videogames, as well as anime.


Orkenspalter TV ist einer der ältesten Nerd-Kanäle auf Youtube und berichtet seit fast 10 Jahren über Pen and Paper, LARP, Comics und Fantasykram. Dies ist unser offizieller Merch-Shop.


Hey you! My name is Claudia, but I am also known as a cosplayer called Panaceas. I love creating new things in any way, whether as a cosplayer or designer.

Paula García

Hi! My name is Paula. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Almería (Spain). My passions are music, videogames and photography. If you want to know more about me, just send me an email ( Thanks for your visit! :)


Hey, Willkommen in unserem Shop!


Pre-Raphaelite Girls Explaining: The young women gracing the canvases of Pre-Raphaelite painters strike the viewer as attractive yet eerily soulless. As “beautiful corpses” they embody the women’s ideal of the late 19th century. Christiane Frohmann comes to them from the future, bringing these Pre-Raphaelite girls to life with their wry observations on the present. "A clever and visually seductive hybrid of memes and literature" (Monopol Magazine) ABOUT THE MERCH All motifs are available with white lettering on dark T-shirts and hoodies, and with black lettering on light. In terms of colors, we have made available for order in each case, which fits the color of the painting section used. From most motifs there are also mugs and art prints, this in each case only in the variant with black lettering on a white background. - Just click through. If you are looking for books and postcards of the Pre-Raphaelite Girls, you can find them at


Artworks and T-shirt designs by pigboom . A self-taught artist who loves to draw geeky, cyberpunk, anime, pop culture and random stuff. Designs are based on a hit-or-miss philosophy. Pigboom may randomly hit good and clever designs or miss completing them. Oink! Go Buy some Pigboom Tees.

Pinkstinks Germany e.V.

Wir überlassen Gleichberechtigung nicht dem Zufall! Als reichweitenstärkste feministische Organisation in Deutschland bilden wir zum Thema Sexismus – humorvoll, wohlwollend und mit Charme. Wir zeigen auf, warum Feminismus Vorteile für ALLE mit sich bringt und tragen so zu einer gerechteren Gesellschaft bei. Die Zeiten gendern sich, tragt diese Botschaft mit uns zusammen in die Welt!


We are your friends, and we make illustrations.


PsychoDelicia is our specialist for Manga and Anime art.

Punksthetic Art

Jamie lives in the USA and is a graphic designer. In his free time, he works on videoprojects as well as his own graphic novel. His designs seem to be straight out of the 80s and 90s - good old times.


Péchane is graduated from a school of audiovisual in 1996. All his life he worked about images, starting with cinema and photography. Besides in 2002, when he found the SUMI-E technique, he returned to his first love: painting. SUMI-E is a Japanese technique borrowed from China in the sixth century. It is a wash drawing obtained with diluted Indian ink and applied on paper. Curious, attentive, playful, aggressive, affectionate, his ink painted animals all seem alive.