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Ilustrata is a designer collective from Brazil with a preference for japanese culture and retro designs.


Welcome to my work, I am Monic, I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I was born in Spain, specifically in the most scorching and at the same time beautiful city, Seville. I'm a geek of many things, you can find out more by looking at my work, I hope you like it.


I'm JCMaziu from Spain, a self-taught illustrator working on tshirt designs since 2009. I dig all kinds of styles so it makes me not define myself by any particular. I like to define myself as some kind of freelance illustrator, profesional geek, gadgets lover, movies-eater and videogame addict in detox process.

Jelly Pixels

Hi, I love anime / Instagram: jelly_pixels / Twitter: @soygelatina. Please, tag me if you buy, every purchase make me happy.

Joscha Sauer

Many of the shirts are available in several colors. So if you like a motiv, but you don't like the color, just click on it anyway and have a look what other colors are available. Enjoy browsing!


Hi there! This is Karlangas. I hope you like my art!


David Eberhardt a.k.a. kgullholmen Illustrations lives in wonderful Leipzig (Germany) and draws since he was a kid. After finishing his studies in English Literature, he became a freelance illustrator.


Kharmazero is a shirtdesigner from France. Since a few years he is focussed on digital art and especially designs for shirts. His use of watercolors results in very unique and colorful pieces of art.

Kleine Helden

Willkommen in Online-Shop der Kleinen Helden auf Supergeek. Hier findest du coole Klamotten und Tassen rund um die bekannten Fantasy Helden. Wir erweitern das Sortiment stetig. Wenn du ein bestimmtes Motiv vermisst gib uns einfach über bescheid. Viel Spaß beim stöbern!


I am an illustrator from Osnabrück (Germany). When I don't do shirts, I do plays, read comics and play WoW.


Guten Tag.

League of Westeros

Nach dem Tod des irren Königs Aerys II. wurde die League of Westeros ins Leben gerufen. Seitdem kämpfen die Teams von Westeros um den begehrten Preis, den Sitz auf dem Eisernen Thron. Welches Team ist dein Favorit? Zeige deine Unterstützung zum Start der neuen Saison!


Hey, I'm LeePianti, a Brazilian illustrator inspired by movies, some games and also a book lover. I hope you guys enjoy my illustrations.

Louis Roskosch

Louis Roskosch is an english illustrator with a weakness for bears, dogs and Nintendo.