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Umberto Vicente

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Ursula Lopez

Úrsula López lives with her two bulldogs in Valencia (Spain). Because of her love for art, drawing and sketching, she began to study design. After she worked as a designer for a while, she discovered her love for developing and works now as a designer as well as a web developer. In her free time, she does art for shirts - her designs are inspired by cute animals, tv series, movies and video games.


Hi, I'm vampidett, illustrator and designer, inspired by toys, Japanese art and cute terror. You can also follow more of my work on instagram @vampidett


Ein herzliches Willkommen an alle, die ohne ihre Stricknadeln das Haus nicht verlassen oder niemals ohne ein Häkelprojekt auf dem Sofa lümmeln können! Wusstest du, dass es den Tieren genauso geht? Nein? Aber wofür sonst, hat ein Igel seine eigenen Stricknadeln, wenn nicht für kuschelige Stricksocken? Und wieso hat der Hamster so geräumige Backentaschen, wenn nicht um Garn zu hamstern? Hast du dich nie gefragt, wie die Raupe ihren Kokon zaubert oder wofür der Tintenfisch WIRKLICH seine Tinte hat? Na, für Handarbeiten natürlich!

Vincent Trinidad

Artist / Designer / Illustrator for over 10 years now making art for video game and animation. But my passion is mostly on Nostalgia where my childhood memories were built so I make designs / illustrations based on retro stuff that I grew up in as a child.

Vo Maria

Illustration, design and creativity.


Hi! Here you'll find grim and creepy and magical illustrations that I sometimes sprinkle with (dark) humor on top... Welcome to my mind :)


Welcome to Winkelgasse ✨ The home for nerds and witches.


Wir führen Gespräche und diskutieren über das vielfältige und multi-disziplinäre Feld der Wirkstoffe und der Wirkstoffforschung. Das Wirkstoffradio ist ein Wissenschaftskommunikationsprojekt aus dem Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) Zur Anwendung im Ohr.

Würfel und Zucker

Willkommen im T-Shirt Shop vom Würfel und Zucker. Hier findet ihr tolle Merchandise Artikel zu eurem Lieblings-Brettspielcafé. Alle unsere Designs sind in unterschiedlichen T-Shirt Farben erhältlich. Also einfach mal auf eines der Bilder klicken und ein wenig ausprobieren, was Euch so gefällt. Das Design „Ice Dice“ wurde übrigens von der Chefin höchstpersönlich designt. Die Designs „How I Roll“ wurden von der wunderbaren Annika Heller designt.


I make designs based on retro stuff that I grew up in as a child like videogames or tv series.


Welcome to my World! My name is Elisa Zanoni. I'm a Freelance Designer since 2017 and I come from Italy. I'm 28 year old and I live in Arco. I love this Job, combine two of my greatest passions, Digital Art and the Nerd Universe :)

XYZ Studio

XYZ Studio is a design studio from Egypt. The creators love to experiment with different styles and themes so they can express whatever they want with no limitations.


Hi, we are Yan✋(@blancavidaltees), Ken✊ (@typhoonicart) and Pop✌ (@geekydogtees). We joined forces to make cute and funny illustrations! ✨


Mangaartist and Illustrator


Hi there, my name is Anthony Brian Villafuerte RN also known as zerobriant. I am an illustrator and a designer. I also do advertising and marketing plus I am a registered nurse. As an artist I specialize in t-shirt design. I am very much interested in making awesome designs and submitting them on design contest.

Zonta Club of Bielefeld


Zufallsshirt used to be a site where you could view an infinite number of randomly generated t-shirts and then either buy them or discard them forever. That's no longer possible here, but then you don't have to wade through an infinite amount of crap, either. Just the most flawless random graphics and the most enlightening slogans!