Here's an overview over all our partners who sell their designs on supergeek. If you want to join them, you can click here to get in touch with us.

Ecke Hansaring Podcast

Gefährliches Halbwissen und große Persönlichkeiten. Dafür steht Ecke Hansaring! Und die Rede ist dabei nicht von unseren beiden Redakteuren Michi und Moritz, sondern von Maria Theresia oder dem sagenumwobenen Graf Dracula. Geschichte in spannend, mit einer gehörigen Priese schwarzem Humor – nicht mehr und nicht weniger.


Hi there! I’m Eduardo Ely. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Brazil. You can follow me on instagram: Or twitter: I hope you like the designs! Have a great day! :)

Einschlafen Podcast

"Einschlafen Podcast" is published on a biweekly basis with relaxing monologues to distract the listeners from their own thoughts to let them fall asleep more easily.

Eoli Studio

My name is Douglas and I am a Brazilian illustrator, my arts have a lot of influence of the pop culture in general, here you find animes, movies and games, enjoy ;]


Welcome to my store! I’m a tee and graphic designer, my work is oriented towards cute and colourful drawings and sometimes funny t-shirts. Enjoy :)


Eyecident, Eyeci oder MrAngelnews ist sowohl auf Twitch als auch auf Youtube die Quelle der guten Laune. Auf YouTube dreht sich alles Rund ums Angeln und ihr seid mit MrAngelNews immer auf dem neusten Stand der Angelszene. Auf Twitch werden Videospiele jeglicher Art mit Humor, Energie, vielleicht nicht immer dem besten Skill aber mit einer Menge Spaß präsentiert. Also sei dabei und fühl dich wohl. Am besten mit Merch! :-)


Hi! We are Falschparka and we design t-shirt motifs!


Fanfreak is an illustrator and designer from the United kingdom with a passion for Japanese culture and all things popular culture.

Fernando Sala Soler

My name is Fernando Sala Soler, I'm from Javea (Alicante) Spain. I am graphic designer, illustrator and t-shirt designer. I hope you feel comfortable. Enjoy of my fun, original and unique designs. Welcome to my Shop!


Hey, we are the Fitas Artwork, an illustration team from South America who love to share our time and space with popular art drawings and references.


Willkommen im Flojopics-Supergeek Shop! Was am 14.01.2021 als fixe Idee auf Instagram begann, ist mittlerweile zu einem echten Hobby geworden. Und jetzt haben wir (also Ihr) den Salat, denn mittlerweile mach ich mich im bösen Internet breit, um euch überall mit meinen kleinen Figuren zu verfolgen. Also, viel Spaß beim verfolgt werden und jetzt kommt herein und wühlt ein bisschen herum. Solltet Ihr ein Wunschmotiv haben, welches Ihr nicht findet, schaut auf meinem Instagram oder steady - "Kanal" vorbei.


Original Wild Art

FunnyFummel! Olis Cartoon Shirts

Oli Hilbring presents his best cartoons live in front of an audience, on Facebook or Instagram and also new at Supergeek. There are again selected shirt ideas by the cartoonist from Bochum. Funny Fummel "cartoons" adapted for shirts are not always just drawn.

Geek Revolution


Hi! I'm a spanish illustrator and graphic designer. I love dogs, pizza and nerd stuff!

Gery Arts

A few years ago, Gery, who lives in Innsbruck (Austria), established his project "Gery Arts" and since then, he works on illustrations for t-shirts in his free time.

Ginger Wood

Ginger Wood is the label of woodturner and author Franz Keilhofer. Together with his wife Nadine he is creating Desings inspired by the "Woodworking-Community"

Gleydson Barboza

Hey, welcome to my Shop!


Glitchy Gorilla is an art project of tattoo artist Kristoval from Manila Philippines, who focuses on geeky pop culture characters injected with traditional japanese tattoo influences.


Ahoy! I'm Monika, illustrator and content creator from Slovakia. My artwork is highly influenced by favourite cartoons, games, purple colour and japanese culture. Maybe you already noticed I'm a dinosaur and Godzilla lover. Also frogs have a special place in my heart. I jump between two personalities, sometimes my art is pastel and cute and sometimes it's simply not. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ


Anderson Green Devil is Multimedia Artist and Graphic Designer based on Brazil. His conceptual work uses several references such as: Pop Culture/Vintage,Horror, Ocultism and Pop Art.


I'm a brazilian illustrator trying to turn the pop culture into something different.


Hi friends, I'm Wanda, an illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Italy. My work is higly infuenced by japanese pop culture, which I love since my childhood. My favourite things to do are watching anime or movies and reading manga... and obviously, drawing. Hope you'll find what you're looking for! ♡^▽^♡

Happy Shooting

Der Fan-Shop des Podcasts"Happy Shooting - Der Fotopodcast" den Du unter findest. Happy Shooting zum Anziehen, ob als Erinnerung oder als Statement – Wir freuen uns über Deine Unterstützung. Welche Motive besitzt Du schon? Schicke uns gerne ein lustiges, kreatives oder einfach nur ein dokumentarisches Foto von Dir mit unseren Motiven.

Herrmann Comix

Willkommen im offiziellen Herrmann Comix-Shop! Hier findet Ihr alle Produkte rund um Herrmann, Goldie, Manfred & Co!


Herzflimmern - is the label of illustration artist and photographer Nadine Keilhofer. Her designs are inspired by the mountains, nature and the love for the japanese culture.


Pop Culture and Neon Cyberpunk Digital Artist . Tag me on my Insta: heymoonly_

How to be a Hero

Hello and Welcome in the official How to be a Hero-Merchandising Shop. Here you will find neutral Pen & Paper-Designs aswell as How to be a Hero Designs. How to be a Hero is an free and open source Pen and Paper-Game System. You'll find our Game-System under (German Language)