Pre-Raphaelite Girls Explaining: The young women gracing the canvases of Pre-Raphaelite painters strike the viewer as attractive yet eerily soulless. As “beautiful corpses” they embody the women’s ideal of the late 19th century. Christiane Frohmann comes to them from the future, bringing these Pre-Raphaelite girls to life with their wry observations on the present.

"A clever and visually seductive hybrid of memes and literature" (Monopol Magazine)

ABOUT THE MERCH All motifs are available with white lettering on dark T-shirts and hoodies, and with black lettering on light. In terms of colors, we have made available for order in each case, which fits the color of the painting section used. From most motifs there are also mugs and art prints, this in each case only in the variant with black lettering on a white background. - Just click through.

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