Adrian vom Baur

Adrian vom Baur

Adrian vom Baur (*1985 in Munich), works as a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and writer in Berlin.

He wrote and drew the webcomic "Hipsters," which was published as a book by Zwerchfell Verlag in 2014. Additionally, he's an editor of the independent comics anthology "JAZAM!", which released its 13th annual volume (“Schreckgeschichten”) in 2018.

Some of his short comics were released as small books by JAZAM!: "48 Stunden Angst" (2013), "Love & Monsters" (2015), and "Monsterparty" (2018). A longer comic of his will be in the next volume of zombie series "Die Toten" - coming soon from Zwerchfell Verlag.

As an illustrator, his past projects include the video game “Angry Birds Epic” and the “Nichtlustig” animated series.