A few years ago, 3dsupply.de was your supplier for stylish nerd shirts in pretty much all colors and shapes. In the meantime, YouTubers have taken over and more or less replaced the other motifs. Well, we'll be honest, YouTube stars may bring us our daily bread, but at heart we're still the nerds of yesteryear. That's why we've decided to give ourselves and our nerdy customers our own store again.


That's why Supergeek saw the light of day in August 2017! With Supergeek, we wanted to get back to where we were back then - only much better. :) In our store you will find designs from all possible and impossible franchises. We have already been able to win over many great artists and of course you can still get your geek shirts from us in the best quality, in pretty much all shapes, colors and of course sizes. Whether hoodies, mugs or our embroidered snapback caps - we always pay attention to the best possible quality and ensure responsible and sustainable production.


We cooperate with professional T-shirt designers from all over the world to bring their motifs onto the fabric for you. Despite our large selection, we are constantly on the lookout for new motifs and designers. So if you are looking for a specific motif or have designed one and want to be a Supergeek designer yourself, just write us an email!


Pretty much everything you can buy from us is individually printed or embroidered, packed and dispatched by our almost 20 employees. We deliberately focus on individual production instead of cheap mass-produced goods in order to meet our quality standards.

To achieve this goal, we work on your orders in 2 bright production departments. The first is flex printing, where our ladies and gentlemen work tirelessly at four large presses to puzzle motifs onto your shirts. Our hard-working Cuti Minions ensure a constant supply of correctly cut motif foils, always after they fall out of our plotters. The second area is digital direct printing, with the help of which we can conjure up even the finest graphics on textiles.
You can find out more about our production methods here.
In the shipping department, your orders are packed with the utmost care and then handed over to our shipping partners. If you have any questions or if there is a problem with your order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer advisors.