Péchane cat on books T-Shirt B&C EXACT 190 -  Blanc

Eins unserer Shirts zum Thema Japan für alle Fans des Landes der Kaiju und des Sushi. In dieser Kategorie findest du alles, was mit deinem Lieblingsland im fernen Osten zutun hat.

A T-Shirt akin to Katze, Neko, Cat, Book and Animal.

19,90 €

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Classic Crew Neck Fair Wear T-Shirt by B&C.

material 100 % Baumwolle
grammage 185.00 g/m²

  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Ökotex BuC



Péchane is graduated from a school of audiovisual in 1996. All his life he worked about images, starting with cinema and photography. Besides in 2002, when he found the SUMI-E technique, he returned to his first love: painting.
SUMI-E is a Japanese technique borrowed from China in the sixth century. It is a wash drawing obtained with diluted Indian ink and applied on paper.
Curious, attentive, playful, aggressive, affectionate, his ink painted animals all seem alive.

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