You've got an in idea for a design? Just send it to us and we'll let us know.

Do you want to design your own nerd-shirt?

And you'd like us to sell it for you? Just give us a brief description of how it looks, what it means and how you made it. Additionally you can give us your self-made concept of the design in the following formats

*.SVG, *.PDF, *.AI, *.CDR, *.EPS, *.JPG, *.GIF oder *.PNG

You are a professional illustrator or designer and you know what geeks crave?

If you want to send us professional pixel- or vektor-designs, you can contact us anytime with a sample of your work or a ready-to-print design and make some money with us. We can offer you a good sales commission for every shirt sold with your design on it. We can talk about the details immediately when you contact us.

Technical requirements

The designs you send us, should be vektor- or pixelfiles with at least 300dpi resolution and ideally on a transparent background. (Data-Format e.g. *.PSD or *.PNG) We can pretty much handle anything you send us though and we'll contact you if there are changes to be made.

WARNING: Please refrain from using copyrighted material! So, no designs already in existence or that are protected - in any case we will find out. ;)

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