OlipopArt Minionese Mamafaka Sonstiges Gymsac schwarz

"The path of the righteous minion is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil minions"

A Gymsac akin to Pulp fiction, Bad motherfucker, Minion, Despicable me and Jules winnfield.

15,90 €

incl. VAT plus delivery and payment costs
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 work days

Retro-style drawstring backpack. A little bit hipster - so what?

material 100 % Cotton
grammage 140.00 g/m²



Oliver Ibáñez Romero, a.k.a. OliPop lives in Benidorm (Spain) and works as a graphic designer. He is inspired by movies, tv series and videogames, as well as anime.

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