Andriu Ilustracion Stranger Park T-Shirt B&C EXACT 190 - Black

Oh no, they got Will AGAIN, those bastards! - a design by Andriu Ilustracion

A T-Shirt akin to Mashup, Eleven, Will, Stranger kids and Mike.

19,90 €

incl. VAT plus delivery and payment costs
Delivery Time: ca. 4-5 work days

Classic Crew Neck Fair Wear T-Shirt by B&C.

material 100 % Cotton
grammage 185.00 g/m²

  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Ökotex BuC

Andriu Ilustracion

Andrés is a designer from Spain, who is inspired by his love for comics, tv series, classic horror movies and video games. In his free time, he also plays the guitar in an indie/rockband!

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