Low/Late Low/Late - Skate Cat Sweatshirt B&C HOODED INSPIRE - Off-White

A B&C HOODED INSPIRE akin to Low and Late.

44,90 €

incl. VAT plus delivery and payment costs
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 work days

Kuscheliger Hoodie aus 80% Baumwolle (5% davon Organic) und 20% recyceltem Polyester, mit gefütterter Kapuze mit Kordelzug und an den Seitennähten eingelassenen Seitentaschen.

material 80% Cotton (5% Organic) / 20% Recycled Polyester
grammage 280.00 g/m²

  • ÖkoTex Neutral
  • Recycled Blended
  • Organic Blended
  • Organic in Conversion


Back to the roots. With LOW/LATE we go back to where we feel at home: Pop Punk!

In our music we want you to taste the musty beer-smelling basement where the songs were written and recorded. Our songs are about being grown up, everyday problems or just the last romance. No shit. The project here means an infinite amount to us. Awesome that you're here!

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