Zufallsshirt Buttercream frosting T-Shirt B&C EXACT 190 - Khaki

Luxurious yet fecal, opulent yet jealous, this restrained style is experiencing a Renaissance on contemporary bodies. The Zufallsshirt algorithm has no doubt met its goal of creating a fathomable T-shirt to satisfy every man’s individual craving for fashion. An useful item.

24,90 €

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Classic Crew Neck Fair Wear T-Shirt by B&C.

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material 100% Cotton (Sport Grey: 85% Cotton, 15% Viscose)
grammage 185.00 g/m²

  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Ökotex BuC


Zufallsshirt used to be a site where you could view an infinite number of randomly generated t-shirts and then either buy them or discard them forever. That's no longer possible here, but then you don't have to wade through an infinite amount of crap, either. Just the most flawless random graphics and the most enlightening slogans!

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