IsabelMonicArte Power moon T-Shirt B&C EXACT 190 - Black

A Shirt for Anime- and Manga Fans. When you're an Otaku, you should find your perfect everyday Cosplay in this category.

A T-Shirt akin to Anime, Manga, Sailor, Moon and Power.

19,90 €

incl. VAT plus delivery and payment costs
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 work days

Classic Crew Neck Fair Wear T-Shirt by B&C.

material 100 % Cotton
grammage 185.00 g/m²

  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Ökotex BuC


Welcome to my work, I am Monic, I am a freelance illustrator and designer.
I was born in Spain, specifically in the most scorching and at the same time beautiful city, Seville.
I'm a geek of many things, you can find out more by looking at my work, I hope you like it.

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