Péchane Mona Lisa Sweatshirt JH Hoodie - Rosa

Ein Shirt aus unserer Kategorie Kunst. Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Ein Hoodie zu den Themen Mona lisa, Traditional art, Sumi-e, Da vinci und Leonardo da vinci.

36,90 €

inkl. MwSt zzgl. Versand- und Portokosten
Lieferzeit: ca. 3-4 Werktage

Klassischer Hoodie mit aufgesetzter Tasche und Kordeln (134/146 ohne Kordel!).

Material 80 % Baumwolle, 20 % Polyester
Grammatur 280.00 g/m²

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Péchane is graduated from a school of audiovisual in 1996. All his life he worked about images, starting with cinema and photography. Besides in 2002, when he found the SUMI-E technique, he returned to his first love: painting.
SUMI-E is a Japanese technique borrowed from China in the sixth century. It is a wash drawing obtained with diluted Indian ink and applied on paper.
Curious, attentive, playful, aggressive, affectionate, his ink painted animals all seem alive.

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